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  November 25, 2015 

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RealPlayer is the most famous and popular powerful audio and video player.  It plays almost all audio and video formats.  With an intuitive user interface, this program guarantees your enjoyment of your multimedia files.

Real Player supports many types of streaming media: Internet radio, Online TV, XM Satellite Radio, AOL video, podcasts and RSS media feeds.  The formats that RealPlayer can play are: MP3, MP4, MPG, MIDI, WMA, WAV, WMV, AVI and hundreds of others!

RealPlayer plays all these audio and video formats.  It is probably the most versatile audio/video player.  Its user interface is very intuitive and visually pleasing so ensuring your enjoyment of your multimedia experience.  Real Player can handle these audio and video sources and formats: Internet radio, XM Radio, AOL video, podcasts, MP3, MP4, MPG, MIDI, WMA, WAV, WMV, AVI and many others!

RealPlayer - More Useful Information on the Fully-Featured Audio and Video Real Player

The Audio and Video Real Player has full features and is the most popular audio and video player.  With an intuitive user interface, the program plays most audio, video and other multimedia files.

RealPlayer supports Internet radio, XM, AOL video, podcasts as well as MP3, MP4, MPG, MIDI, WMA, WAV, WMV, AVI and loads of others!

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Rinse your iTunes Library!

Clean Your Playlist

Rinse is the new smart way to simply organize and repair your iTunes music library!  Powered by an intelligent online database which finds what you need without searching or typing, Rinse fixes your iTunes Library. iTunes® and other programs rely on correct information in your songs to work - but not Rinse.  Even if your songs have misspellings or missing info, Rinse's intelligent database technology will find the matching artwork, remove duplicates and clean things up.

Repair Misspelled Songs, Artists and Album Details to make your collection attractive and easy to browse on your devices without remembering that Dave Matthews is the Dave Matthews Band...  Fix up your entire collection at once or maintain it song by song.

Save precious storage space and enjoy an organized collection.  Don’t worry if you have misspelled songs or albums.  With Rinse, you choose which version you want to keep and can even test it out before you decide with the simulation mode.  Our goal was to make everything push-button simple, while giving you complete control over organizing and fixing your music library.  Download the Free Trial and Rinse your Music Collection Today!

Rinse automatically:

  • Repairs Misspelled Songs, Artists and Album Details
  • Fills in the blanks for your music collection
  • Adds missing album art to your music library
  • Removes Duplicate Songs in your music collection

  Download the Free Trial and Rinse your Music Collection Today!

More Information on RealPlayer:

You can customize RealPlayer's appearance with fabulous skins, there are thousands on the net and you may download them freely.  So you will always have a new player and you will never get bored.  You can customize Real Player's appearance with skins, there are many on the net  - download them for free!

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